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Hosting Hotels, Domain Name, Website, Email, Calendar, Contacts, Unlimited Consumption, Self Service, Support. You get a wealth of features, unlimited network usage and unlimited mailboxes, calendars, contacts, webshops, websites and cloud based file systems.
See here all the features and their details.

Competitive Prices

We offer domain names at current market prices. Hosting hotels are free for a 30-day trial period, after which a 50% discount is given the first year on Skymotor´s already competitive prices.
See our hotel prices and our domain prices .

Upgrade and downgrade as needed

You tailor your subscriptions exactly to your current needs for domains, emails, websites, disk space and support. If there is a large need for space, it is possible to purchase extra disk space.
Simply log in to your customer area where you customize your subscription.

Your functions

Name Server

Name Server (DNS) and Dynamic Hub Server (DDNS) are free to all customers, paying as well as non-paying customers. With your control panel zone editor, you can easily and precisely configure the name server to suit your needs.
See our guide in DNS setup .

Mail, Contacts and Calendars

With mail service you also get a contact list and calendars that you can use. You can create and share contact lists and calendars between you and other users of your service. Setting up mail, contacts and calendars is already prepared so you can easily get it all in use on your mobile phone and computer. You can easily get started with 1-click installation for iPhone and Android mobile phones, and 1-click installation for Windows, Mac and Linux computers.
Read here how to Create user accounts to get you started using email, contact and calendars.

Websites and WebShops

With web hosting you get hosting of your website or webshop. The pages can be built in WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or one of the other widespread CMSs. You get easy 1-click installation and WordPress Toolkit DeLuxe which makes it easy to maintain and customize your website. For WebShop you can also use different systems and we can recommend WebShop with WooCommerce which is a very popular WebShop for WordPress.
Read here about setting up WordPress and WooCommerce WebShop.


With programming hotel you can program your very own customized services and put them online on Skymotor. You develop your application for Phusion Passenger, and then you upload your application to Skymotor.
Follow the documentation for Phusion Passenger and the guide for integrating it.

Enterprise service

With Enterprise service you get access to support every day of the week incl. weekends and holidays. You also get the option of telephone support, so you do not have to wait for a written answer from us.
Details on this can be found under purchase of Enterprise hotel.

We help you

Request our support

We are always ready to help free of charge, so you get the best possible experience with us. If you run into administrative or technical difficulties, we can help you. We give you support to get started with a completely new solution or move an existing solution to us. If you want to change your subscription or change your technical solution, we will also help with this.
You can always write to us and we will respond as soon as possible.


With user-friendly self-service, you set up your subscriptions, domains, emails and websites through the market´s most popular and widespread control panel cPanel. Stability and security are ensured for all customers through free two-factor login, SSL certificates, spam filters, as well as protection against brute force and DDoS attacks.
Here you can log in to the control panel where you manage your hosting hotel and your domains.


You always have access to our knowledge database which contains targeted guides for your services at Skymotor. In connection with this, you have access to a large community and documentation for cPanel, which is your control panel at Skymotor.
Here you will find documentation for cPanel and the knowledge database at Skymotor.

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